West Texas Lavender Farm is located in Slaton, Texas, just a few miles southeast of Lubbock.  Situated on the edge of a geographic phenomenon called the Caprock of Texas we are surrounded by miles and miles of unimpeded views of the Texas South Plains.   
The Spanish explorer, Coronado, called the area the Llano Estacado (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Llano_Estacado).  We are growing in God's grace at about 3100 feet above sea level.  The farm is in an ideal location for growing many lavender species.  Soil conditions as well as weather conditions mimic those seen in Provence France, where the world's most famous lavender crops are grown for beauty and scent.
Lavender has been described as mystical, magical, spiritual, therapeutic, seductive and intoxicating. It is all of these and more. No other plant elicits such a wide range of visions or emotions. Native to the Mediterranean, lavender is grown all over the world. Lavender is rich in history and myth with documented use for over 2,500 years including its use in mummification and perfumes by the Egyptians. Through the ages, it has been recognized both as a cosmetic herb as well as one to soothe the nerves and induce sleep. Romans used lavender oils for bathing, cooking, and scenting the air, and they most likely gave it the Latin root name (lavare — to wash) from which we derive the modern name. Today, lavender is considered the premier of all perfumes while also containing disinfectant and antiseptic properties. Most recently, lavender has achieved the status of being the most versatile and popular of all the essential oils used in aromatherapy due to its well-balanced scent that blends well with other notes. 
We have four species of lavender planted to-date.  Grosso, Provence, Spanish and Vera are doing well despite the worst of Texas weather conditions.  Hard field conditions have proven our plants and we are faith-full for a grand, purple haze!
We serve a mighty God who sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to be our Savior and King.  Jimmy and I look forward to hearing from you for your lavender needs whether it be lavender plants you need in your garden or lavender products that range from soaps, candles, and lotions to lavender infused culinary delights.  Please see our Contact page to send email, call or write to us.  
In His Love,